Water Taxi Service.

How our Water Taxi’s Work…!!!

Our water taxi service in general runs 24 hours a day giving easy access on and off Coconut Island every 30 minutes, with the only exceptions being times of extremely low tide and bad weather. As our service can go to and from a number of piers we would kindly ask that you take a few minutes to read the information below.

Where do I start…?

If you are planning on leaving Coconut Island please ensure you visit our resort reception ………in advance to book your water taxi ticket. Please make sure you are familiar of where you must meet so that we can get you on board our water taxi.

1. Resort Front Pier

The resort front pier is used at times of high tide, typically when the water level is 2m and higher, from this pier we generally take you directly to the Laem Hin Lagoon pier & Island Transfer office but on occasions to Laem Hin local pier.

2. Coconut Island Local Pier

The Local pier is our low tide option, from this pier we take you to the Laem Hin pier located just a few minutes from the Lagoon Resort & Island transfer office.

3. Laem Hin Lagoon Pier

Laem Hin Lagoon pier is the base of Island Transfers and used at times of high tide, typically when the water level is 2 m and higher. From here we generally take you to the resort front pier but on occasions to the Coconut Island local pier.

4. Laem Hin Local Pier

The Laem Hin local pier is our low tide option on Phuket Island located only 200meters away from Coconut Island, typically we take you to Coconut Island local pier where the shuttle will then take you to the resort.


Please note that for any additional information regarding water taxis to and from the village coconut island our staff are happy to assist.

Please visit our reception or Dial – 0 –

Approx. crossing time 10 – 15 minutes*

Important : Transfers off the Island must be booked a minimum 30 mins before departure.

  • Boat tickets are complementary for Check In / Out and for Infants under 4 years old.
  • Casual transfers on and off the The Village Coconut Island will only be :
  • 100 THB per person, per way between 06.30 – 23.30*
  • 300 THB per person, per way between after 00.00 - 06.00*
  • Please ensure you purchase your transfer ticket and book onto your preferred boat well in advance of the scheduled departure time to ensure you are not disappointed.
  • Tickets will be issued either at The Village Reception (open 24-hours) or at the Island Transfers reception at The Villa Laemhin Lagoon Resort (open from 08.00 to 23.30)

Please Note: Boat Captains will not allow any person on a transfer unless a valid ticket is shown.

For more information please contact us.

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