Our focus on preserving the environment has led us to implement measures to ensure our impact on the local island is minimized. We are continuously working towards becoming a more eco-friendly resort whilst still ensuring guests are delighted and satisfied.

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We have a group of volunteer staff members who take the lead in creating awareness and driving initiatives amongst staff and guests on environmental issues such as reducing the use of single-use plastics.

The Environmental Committee has launched a regular Coconut Island beach cleanup initiative that encourages both staff and guests to participate in the event. The team is focused on cleaning the coastline along the local village. 

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The Village Coconut Island has its own water bottling plant on site. 

This means that we process and filter our own water and bottle it within the resort. This  reduces the amount of single-use plastic water bottles brought onto the island and provides fresh, pure water for our guests to enjoy in the rooms in re-usable glass bottles! 

reusable amenity bottles


We chose to move to re-usable amenity bottles in order to reduce our dependence on single-use plastics in our rooms. The amenities are refilled daily so our guests can enjoy our Signature Amenities in a responsible manner. 



Our organic herb garden is part of our on-going effort to be a more environmentally friendly resort. The garden is used during

cooking classes in order to educate our guests about the many local herbs used for cooking Thai dishes. 

green walkway


The Village Coconut Island has a waste water recycling plant onsite. 

Using recycled waste water means that we do not over use the local natural water supply which allows us to water our trees and plants regularly so that our guests can enjoy beautifully landscaped gardens and walkways all year round! 



The Village Coconut Island recycles all it’s plastics, tin and glass.

Each day our recycling staff sort through our rubbish and separate all the recyclable materials. We then collect, compact and send them back to Phuket for recycling.


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Located on the idyllic Coconut Island or “Koh Maprao” as it is known in Thai, Barcelo Coconut Island offers true luxury and seclusion just 500m off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

Set in a stunning position in Phang Nga Bay, the gateway to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, islands and scenery.

A short boat trip on our 24-hour water taxi service whisks guests to and from Barcelo Coconut Island to Phuket’s mainland.

Barcelo Coconut Island truly offers the best of both worlds.