Koh Maphrao.

Koh Maphrao – Coconut Island

Even though Koh Maphrao is only two kilometers away from the east coast of Phuket, the atmosphere on the two islands is very different. Phuket is known for its full range of development with facilities and bustling lifestyle, while Koh Maphrao is a peaceful isle set in natural surroundings.

Koh Maphrao is one of Phuket’s minor islands. Looking over from Laemhin pier, Koh Maphrao is just a stone’s throw away. The area of 2,620 Rai on the island is mainly occupied by a coconut plantation; ma phrao being the Thai word for coconut.

Fishing and farming are the two main occupations on the island: rubber trees, local fruits and vegetables are grown in the central part of the island. There are three easily reachable beaches on Koh Maphrao: the longest one is on the northern coast, in front of The Village Coconut Village.