Kabang - formerly The Tamarind.

Nestled underneath a beautiful Tamarind tree, our beach front restaurant is one of the first sights to greet you as you embark on your short walk down our front pier and into the resort. The style has often been compared to that of the Florida Keys, with a cool, light design and the sea breeze gently blowing through. Kabang restaurant serves up a variety of authentic and delicious Thai and Asian cuisine.

At lunch time this is the perfect place to take a break from the beach and grab a light refreshing bite to eat, or something more substantial if it takes your fancy. During the evening, the menu transforms into an array of local dishes from all over the Kingdom of Thailand, all of which are expertly prepared to your taste by our experienced team of chefs.

Kabang restaurant is also proud to present regular culinary and cultural events, where guests can sample a variety of Thai and Asian delicacies while being entertained.

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Thai Food Menu

Beach Menu

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